Things to Bring

We are in the mountains at an elevation of 7000 feet. Our classes take place between 7000 and 9000′. Our season runs from April through October. During the summer months you can expect temperatures to range between 40s at night and early morning to the mid-80s in the mid afternoon. Mid-July to mid-August bring monsoonal rains in the afternoons. Spring and Fall temperatures range between the upper 20s to the 60s. It’s best to be prepared for cool, warm and wet. Layering is the best plan, so you can manage your comfort during the day.

What you’ll need during classes:Bring tools and license

During lessons, we will provide the tackle that you’ll need, including rods, reels, lines and leaders. We have an excellent assortment of Echo,  Redington, Scott and Sage fly rods in the 2 – 5 weight range. Of course, if you have your own gear and would rather learn with it,you’re welcome to bring it along. Flies needed during lessons that pertain to the specific teaching situation will be provided.

  • A valid New Mexico fishing license. These can be purchased at the fly shops in Santa Fe, or online at New Mexico Game and Fish Licensing Online
  • Breathable hip or chest waders. We discourage you from using neoprene waders, they get really hot!
  • Wade boots, felt soled are ok, but a traction-soled boot is highly recommended.
  • Rain gear – preferably jackets
  • Wide brimmed hat or a ball cap
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Reading glasses or magnification, if needed for small detail.
  • Gloves – if it gets cold
  • Wading staff (retractable, not telescopic) – optional, but useful if you’re not used to wading in freestone rivers.
  • Camera

What you’ll need outside of classes:Bring Echo Rod

If you plan on fishing outside of our class time, you’ll want to bring all the things mentioned above plus a few other things:

  • Fly rods – 7’6″ – 9′, 3-5 weight
  • Fly line – weight forward or double taper floating to balance with your rod
  • Leaders – 7.5′ 4X or 5X
  • Tippet spools – 4X,5X,6X (flurocarbon optional)
  • Weight – either tungsten putty or split shot
  • Nippers and forceps
  • Indicator (Thingamabobbers)
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Landing net
  • Flies – unless you’ve fished the area before, buy these at High Desert Angler in Santa Fe. They will have a good assortment of what’s working on the river during your visit. We will also have sampler boxes of flies at the school for you to purchase.

Your safety is important to us. If you are not used to high elevations, please plan your trip so you have a couple of days to acclimate to the altitude before any exertions. Our multi-day classes are planned to start out less strenuous.


Whatever fly fishing things that you’ve forgotten, you’ll be able to find at High Desert Angler.

High Desert Angler 505 988-7688
460 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe